Rapporter Proprietaire

Probleme avec proprietaire?   S'il vous plait faites un rapprte a nous. Vous avez pouvoir employer email, téléphone, où Boîte Message. Boîte Message est anonyme.

Boîte Message

Si vous prefer: e-mail : nbtenants@openmail.cc ; où téléphone 506-230-5658, c'est local call dans Fredericton.

Cependant traduire:

Contact information. We give messages more weight if we can verify them. To do this we have to be able to contact you. We consider an e-mail conversation to be the weakest form of verification, telephone to be stronger, and an in person meeting to be the strongest. So, although you do not have to give us contact information, your message will probably have a greater impact if you do.

Secondly, and fairly obvious: if your message is a request for help, you need to include contact information. We can't help you if we can't find you.

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