Killam Properties

Killam Properties is a very large landlord in the Maritime provinces.

Killam generally operates by buying existing apartment buildings rather than building new ones.

You will get typical corporate treatment -- long lease (eg., New Brunswick standard lease) to sign. Lease will probably be set up to automatically renew after one year. Beware this if you want to move, you have to give several month's notice before the year is up, or you will be locked in for another full year.

Experience of one tenant was that building superintendant verbally told her she did not have to give notice. Building superintendant said Killam would allow her to switch the lease to a month-to-month lease any time after one year. But the local Killam rental office would not let her switch, so she was stuck with the lease for another full year. This story is confirmed and reliable. Lesson: don't trust verbal assurances from Killam employees; the company is likely to ignore them and demand whatever is written in the lease.

During one tenant's stay, Killam demanded all tenante in building get tenant's insurance. This had not been policy previously. It was a new obligation placed on tenants by Killam. Failure to get insurance would result in Killam not renewing the tenant's lease. Tenants were allowed to get insurance from any major insurance company.